“Embark Richmond Highway” is the project name chosen by the Fairfax County staff for the planning and construction of the transportation projects along the highway.  In this case, there are two parts to the project: widening of the highway to a consistent six lanes, and construction of transit in the form of median Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) and, later, a two-stop underground extension of Metro’s Yellow Line to Beacon Hill and Hybla Valley.

EMBARK Richmond Highway map, each red dot is a proposed BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) Station

These are big projects and they will take several years to accomplish, and they are currently in the beginning stages. $10 million in federal and regional funding has been dedicated to begin the Environmental Assessment (EA) and land use planning processes.

Because these steps are expected to take four years to complete for the BRT portion, the widening project will proceed ahead. The goal is for the widening to be accomplished by 2020 and BRT by 2026.

Several members of the SFDC Board of Directors will join other Lee and Mount Vernon District appointees on an Advisory Group to assist the county staff during the land use planning process. This group will not create any plans, the county staff will do that, but it will provide opinions and help coordinate citizen input meetings during the course of the project.

Yes, it’s a long, drawn-out affair. But we hope you will stay engaged and participate whenever the county reaches out to the community for feedback.

Click here to visit Fairfax County’s EMBARK Richmond Highway website.