By: SFDC Executive Director, Evan Kaufman

Many have said they’ve passed the big green sign and ‘have been meaning to stop by.’ For those who did stop by, they found gold! Located conveniently between Beacon and Penn Daw at 6239 Shields Ave, Evolution Home is a true gem on the Corridor.   Much more than your ordinary antique store, they offer uniquely curated quality furnishings.  Everything from gently used sofas and dining tables, to original artwork and pottery, this place could turn any drab home décor into a masterpiece of your own (without breaking the bank!).


In today’s world of cheap disposable furniture and mass-produced goods, it is refreshing to find a place for upcycled quality furniture and décor.  Remember the time when goods were produced by craftsmen, highly skilled in their trade with pride taken in every piece? Real solid wood, metal instead of plastic.  People took care of those prized possessions because they could last a lifetime or more.  When they are ready to ‘dispose’ of the piece, not because of deterioration, but because of a move, or change in style, those pieces end up in the showroom of Evolution Home. 

Walking through the large 15,000sqft showroom is a real treat.  You could spend hours wandering and finding hidden treasures, some new, some old.  The consignment items are fun to watch as the price drops every month if it is not purchased, and you could really get a great deal!  

After recently purchasing my first home, I have spent a lot of time in furniture stores and online sites like Wayfair and Amazon.  I knew buying the house would be expensive, but no one told me about the furniture. Yikes! It is expensive to buy new and unless you have deep pockets, even much of the new stuff is made poorly with weak engineered wood, plastic screws, and cheap metal.  Not to mention, as we continue to buy more new products, and dispose of the old, there is an even greater toll on the natural resources of our planet.  My advice, have fun becoming a treasure hunter and find an already loved, perfectly looking, and functioning piece from Evolution Home. 

If ‘antique’ is not your style, you’re in luck, because Evolution Home has a wide variety of stylings from modern to mid-century modern, contemporary, art deco, and more.  They truly have something for everyone’s taste and style. 

Lastly, since they’re always stocked with great furniture, they also offer home staging through their sister company, and it’s very affordable.

Whether you’re a bargain hunter or just prefer high-quality furnishings that last, look no further than Evolution Home to freshen up your abode.  Trust me, you will not be disappointed. 

P.S.  You can find a lot of their products on their website, but not all are listed so I would still recommend stopping by in person.