As I sit here eating the most delicious cinnamon roll from Great Harvest Bread Co., I couldn’t help but wonder why food from the farmer’s market is always fantastic? We believe the enjoyable experience and atmosphere definitely enhances the taste of the fresh, local food offerings. SFDC spent a day at the McCutcheon/Mount Vernon Farmers Market and we couldn’t wait to share our favorite finds!

The McCutcheon/Mount Vernon Farmers Market is a fantastic place to discover local products and connect with the community. The market is open weekly on Wednesdays, from 8 AM – 12 PM. We experienced live music, delicious food, and lovely encounters with community members during our day at the market. 

We started our journey by visiting The Traveling Shepherd Coffee Company and getting a delicious cup of joe. The Traveling Shepherd Coffee Company is an artisan coffee company, roasting beans from 30+ countries and brew in 11 different traditions. We tasted a traditional Mexican coffee brewed with a hint of cinnamon that was downright delightful. 

Our next stop was to House of Empanadas, a vendor that uses mostly locally sourced, minimally processed ingredients. We tried the chicken empanada and it was wonderfully savory. Our only disappointment was leaving before tasting each different flavor! 

A personal favorite stop is Grace’s Pastries to get a bacon and cheese twist that is absolutely to die for. Grace’s pastries have been in business for over 25 years and their offerings are delicious. 

The little kid in me was immediately drawn to Misty Meadow Farm Creamery to get a quart of chocolate milk. It was rich in flavor and perfectly creamy! Definitely, a must-visit, especially for their incredible ice cream.

One of the best parts of the farmers market is the fresh, organic produce offerings and we couldn’t leave without tasting some! There is a multitude of vendors offering farm-fresh produce, herbs, and plants. 


With so many things to try, there is a perfect reason to keep coming back!

View the SFDC Facebook Live from the market here!