We Need Your Help!

During this unprecedented time, many small businesses and their employees are hurting.  There are many stimulus packages, grants, loans, and incentives being offered that will help, but still many will lose the quality of life that just several months ago seemed certain.

Whether it’s going out to eat, working out at a gym, or buying pet supplies, we rely on these businesses to improve our quality of life.  Right now, their quality of life is deteriorating, having to layoff loyal employees, and unsure whether their business will survive through the week.

We are realizing that many residents would like to support local businesses but don’t know how best to help.  Businesses also must adapt, tweak their business models, look to online, virtual, delivery and pick-up methods in order to sustain.  That is why we are initiating a Richmond Highway Business Database, where business owners can update the public on their current operating status and add new avenues to connect with their customer base.

In order to build this database, we have created an intake form linked below which will accomplish two objectives. 

First, it will populate a central database that anyone will be able to display on their website detailing businesses’ current offerings, hours of operation, and product delivery methods.  Through the database, the public will be able to know which businesses are open and how they can support them. 

Second, the database will help the SFDC along with our partners in the Fairfax County Government, and other non-profit organizations to assess the direct needs of these businesses.  This will allow us to provide targeted technical assistance and inform owners of what programs are available to their businesses. This can include everything from various grant and loan programs to assistance moving their products online and setting up distribution channels.  

Unfortunately, this crisis is likely to last longer than initially expected, and the sooner we can begin finding creative avenues for small businesses, the better chance they will have to weather this storm.

We hope that if you are a small business owner, you will take 5 minutes to fill out the form through the link below, and if you are not a small business owner, that you will share the form through your channels and make sure it gets in front of the right people.  

Lastly, if you are looking for a way to support the most vulnerable population, I encourage you to make a donation to another local non-profit, Good Shepherd Housing, who is working to make sure many low-income tenants, elderly, and disabled individuals are still able to put food on the table and keep a roof over their head.

Wishing you health and safety during these unprecedented times.

Richmond Hwy Business Intake Form Link:

P.S. Please email us at if you are willing to add the form to your website and we will gladly share the embed code.


Best regards,

Evan Kaufman

Executive Director

Southeast Fairfax Development Corporation