Below you will find information and links regarding the Richmond Highway Widening project. We hope that this page will serve as a resource in assisting affected parties of the widening. However, if you have any additional questions or need assistance, SFDC is here to help! Email us at or call us at (703)-360-5008.

VDOT is working to improve safety, reduce congestion, and help increase the community’s multimodal options along about three miles of Richmond Highway (Route 1) from Jeff Todd Way to Sherwood Hall Lane (Route 626). This project will:

  • Widen Richmond Highway from four to six lanes
  • Add separate bicycle lanes and sidewalks on both sides of the road
  • Reserve median width to accommodate Fairfax County’s future dedicated bus-only lanes

All pedestrian and bicycle facilities will be ADA-compliant, turn lanes will be extended wherever possible to improve safety and capacity, and signals throughout the corridor will be optimized.


Project Milestones                                                       

First Public Information Meeting – April 2017
Second Public Information Meeting – November 2017
Third Public Information Meeting – April 2018
Fourth Public Information Meeting – October 2018
National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Public Hearing – October 2018
Design Public Hearing – March 2019
Revised Environmental Assessment Available – August 2020
Begin Right of Way Acquisition – Spring 2021


Important Links for Affected Parties

Below is a list of links that will aide affected parties of the widening:

Important Links for Businesses

Below is a list of helpful links for businesses affected by the widening:

Important Contact Information

Below is a list of links that will direct you to the contact information of key elected officials: