Recent Development Activity:

Approval of a 28.17-acre site with existing residential high-rise buildings from the R-30 District to the PRM District to permit infill development consisting of 767 multi-family dwelling units, new parks, and access to Hunting Creek.

Case Number Status Date
RZ 2016-MV-030 Approved 10/24/2017
FDP 2016-MV-030 Approved 10/24/2017
007995-SP-003-2 Approved 1/29/2020





Washington REIT Website: Riverside Information

December 11, 2020: Fairfax County tees up a Huntington-area transformation

October 24, 2017: Board of Supervisors approves Riverside Apartments project.

September 29, 2017: Washington Real Estate Investment Trust’s big Huntington apartment plan just got bigger.

May 20, 2016: Washington REIT Completes the Previously Announced Acquisition of Riverside Apartments in Alexandria, VA


Washington REIT has plans to add five new mid-rise multifamily buildings to the existing three apartment-building complexes, aligned in a pedestrian-friendly street grid. Additional improvements include substantial renovations to the existing three buildings by 2020, replacing parking lots with new structured parking, substantial park additions, and upgrades (See “Parks” below for further details), improved multi-modal connections, and stormwater management controls.


Existing towers (white), with planned multifamily buildings (brown and grey), structured parking (behind brown buildings), and public park space


The view of the planned Riverside Apartments redevelopment from the northeast looking southwest


Looking northwest


Park space planned at Riverside Apartments. Public space is outlined in blue, private space in red.


Cameron Run Park



Stormwater management facilities: 

Stormwater management facilities: Blue: permeable pavers; green: Bioretention facilities; orange: Bioretention to infiltration tank; pink: filter strips; purple: infiltration