By: SFDC Executive Director, Evan Kaufman

For those looking for a true seafaring meal, look no further than the Sea Boil Crab House at 7305 Richmond Hwy.

You have likely passed this sign numerous times while traveling up and down the Corridor. Conveniently located between Hybla Valley and Beacon, this unassuming Crab Boil restaurant hits a spot you might not know you had.  After examining their fairly straightforward menu, I choose the combo, 1lb snow crab, 1lb shrimp, with corn and sausage but I sub the sausage for extra taters.  I properly apply my bib and the specialized gloves that came in my metal discard bucket.  No more than 5min later, a large bag is thumped down in front of me.  “Excuse me, I ordered the shrimp and crab, not a large plastic bag,” I whisper.  Further examination unveils what appears to be the bounty of a 10ft fishing net deployed over the Alaskan waters, bagged, boiled, and dropped in front of me.

Crab, shrimp, potatoes, and corn are drenched in a lemon pepper butter sauce with an aroma that oozes fresh salt from the sea.  With gloves and bib applied, I check for the parrot on my shoulder before I begin the journey into the heavenly seasoned waters.  Start with a shrimp.  Hold the tail and bite like I normally would.  Crunch, crunch. Oops, these are the real deal shrimp, cooked in the shell with legs and all.  The same way I remember getting shrimp in China, where all the flavor is still locked in.  A little pulling and peeling, and this shrimp becomes the best crustacean you’ve ever consumed.  That is until you crack the shell of the monster crab legs.  Lush, vibrant red, and perfectly cooked, I employ my pirate skills to pull out a 6-inch long piece of fresh crab from under its protective shell.  Delicious! They sometimes say, the harder you work, the better the outcome.  In this particular case, I must agree.  Put in the work and you will be treated to the pirate’s bounty of a lifetime.  I get a little too excited and knick my finger while peeling back one of the shells.  The inside of my glove on my pointer finger starts to fill with blood. I examine the injury, consider my options, and decide it’s not worth removing the gloves this far in; slightly wounded, I continue my journey into the deep sea.

After 30 minutes of peeling, chewing, and savoring every bite, I’ve finished all the crab, taters, and corn (the corn is unbelievably good!).  I still have about a quarter pound of shrimp left in the bag.  I decide to not be greedy or uncomfortable and get a doggy bag for the remainder.  I leave thanking everyone on the way out for one of the best meals in a long time.  Don’t walk, run to the Sea Boil Crab House for a true fisherman’s treat!